Commercial Disputes

Commercial Disputtes-Contract photo
  • The Firm has experience in the resolution of disputes which involve the interpretation and enforcement of contracts. The Firm has also pursued and responded to product liability claims, both as Plaintiffs and Defendants. While a primary focus of the Firm’s dispute resolution efforts is in the construction industry, the Firm has resolved and will continue to pursue resolution of all types of civil disputes. An example of experience outside the construction industry includes:

    As Plaintiff :: Selected Case Summary (Not a guarantee of future results)

    The Firm pursued a breach of contract claim on behalf of a property tax reduction company against a law firm. The jury awarded all damages sought at the conclusion of the trial.

  • As Defendant :: Selected Case Summary (Not a guarantee of future results)

    A contentious landlord/tenant dispute involving claims and counterclaims was resolved through a mediation process, thereby avoiding the costs and risks of trial. The ability of the Firm to develop evidentiary responses to the claims led to a prompt and favorable resolution of the lawsuit.