• Capshaw & Associates has represented owners both in prosecuting claims as Plaintiffs and defending claims as Defendants.

    As Plaintiff :: Selected Case Summary (Not a guarantee of future results)

    A park was under construction for a large Texas city when a gas pipeline was ruptured by the contractor. Since the contractor ruptured the pipe and the design team failed to identify the existence or specific location of the ruptured line on its plans, the city demanded reimbursement from the contractor and design team for the costs incurred in detoxifying the site. When the construction group failed to respond to the demand, a suit was filed. Thereafter, by virtue of the creative use of alternative dispute resolution techniques, the city was reimbursed for its losses.

  • As Defendant :: Selected Case Summary (Not a guarantee of future results)

    The owner and developer of a condominium project were sued for extensive design and construction errors by the homeowners' association which sought to hold the owner liable for the cost of installing a retaining wall to prevent erosion of a creek bank and subsequent damage to the condominium units. Through aggressive defense of the claim, the dispute was resolved fairly and for only a fraction of the homeowners' association's original claim.