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Welcome to Capshaw & Associates

A civil trial law firm. Capshaw & Associates is comprised of trial lawyers who understand the complexities of presenting claims and defenses to a qualified jury. Capshaw & Associates attorneys have experience on both sides of the docket, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. The guiding principal of the firm is the right to a trial by jury in civil cases afforded by the 7th Amendment to the United States Constitution. While the firm has extensive experience in dispute resolution procedures such as mediation and arbitration, it is the civil jury trial experience that affords clients of Capshaw & Associates with a distinct advantage, as members of the firm have practiced for decades as civil trial lawyers in North Texas. That exposure to the local Judiciary and experience with the jury panels provides immense benefit to clients as both local counsel and trial counsel.

Capshaw & Associates

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About Our Company

Capshaw & Associates was founded by Richard A. Capshaw in April 2007 after more than twenty five years as a civil trial lawyer. The philosophy of the Firm is to provide quality legal services at a fair price. Capshaw & Associates has the depth and experience necessary to resolve almost any type of commercial dispute. The Firm’s philosophy is that responsiveness to client needs is of paramount importance.

Our attorneys have been associated with large and small law firms and have pursued claims both as Plaintiff and Defense counsel. The experience gained as practitioners on both sides of the docket and in numerous substantive areas including commercial litigation, construction litigation, bankruptcy litigation, products liability, and insurance coverage litigation provides an advantage for the clients of our firm. We focus our practice exclusively in dispute resolution, with particular attention to the construction industry, product liability, and other commercial disputes. The Firm has a strong presence in North Texas providing services as local counsel to both sides of the bar. 

Common Practice Areas


Providing services to both claimants and respondents in commercial disputes.  Services include pre-claim consultation, prosecution and defense of claims in Courts with subject matter jurisdiction or in arbitration proceedings, when required.

Construction Disputes

The Firm has tried to verdict a number of construction cases involving almost every participant in the construction process including owners, architects, structural engineers, civil engineers, MEP engineers, surveyors and other professionals.


The Firm has tried defective product cases involving building products and mechanical devices. 


The Firm has pursued, resolved and tried to verdict a number of personal injury claims.  The claims arise from third party negligence or other tortious conduct.

Local Counsel Services

Members of the Firm have enjoyed a many decade relationship with the local Judiciary.  The Firm can and does provide e-services as trial counsel with primary responsibility or as local counsel with a defined role.


Services in and as mediator have been provided.  Members of the Firm have been involved in at least 100 mediations over the decades.


Services in arbitration have been provided.  Members of the Firm have been involved in 50 – 100 arbitrations over the decades.