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At Capshaw & Associates, we see a lot of business disputes that make their way to court. It happens between partners, employees, contractors, and engineers. Often, the root of the dispute comes back to communication. When you feel comfortable communicating with your coworkers, it helps to get everyone on the right track. When communication breaks down, that’s when the problems start.

So how can you work to keep communication open and honest, before a dispute even comes over the horizon? Here are our 4 tips for improving business communication:

Listen and Pay Attention

Communication is a two-way street. Work to ensure that you (and your fellow employees) are listening and paying attention in conversations. Often when people are frustrated, they just want to be heard. Don’t just hear key words and tune out or wait until your turn to speak. You should really listen to what others have to say and take your time in responding.

Establish a Common Language

Make sure everyone at your company learns the same business vocabulary and feels comfortable using it. This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page. Work to be inclusive in the language and wording that you use. Making sure that everyone understands what you are saying is always a positive thing.

Be Honest About the Hard Topics

When things are getting difficult at the top of the business, it’s best to be honest about it with your employers and coworkers. Whether it is a potential merger, hard financial times, or an impending scandal, your employers likely already have a sense of what is happening and want to know more. While it may feel like keeping your employees safe or maintaining “business as normal,” it will cause more issues in the long run to try and keep everyone out of the loop.

Keep It Consistent On Digital

There are two elements to this tip. To begin with, make sure that all of your company’s digital communication is tied to one main program. This will prevent confusion or employee chatter spread across various platforms. In addition, make sure that your digital communication is consistent with what you would say in person and how you would feel comfortable saying it. Leading by example in digital communication is the best way to foster an environment of it.

When Things Get Out of Hand

At Capshaw & Associates, we know that communication is the key to all relationships – including those in the workplace. If you want to avoid disputes, make sure that open communication remains safe and intact. For help resolving any disputes, contact Capshaw & Associates today! We believe in the right to a trial by jury in civil cases!